Why Should Conkerrr89 Be Banned?

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Why Should Conkerrr89 Be Banned? Empty Why Should Conkerrr89 Be Banned?

Post  Conkerrr89 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:59 am

**Message From Conkerrr89**

I Ask for Help and You Ban Me?

I have DONATED OVER 30.00$ To Your Server, Why Do I Deserve This Demotion?

I Do Not... "Ask For Too Much"

I Asked For An Admins Help.

So Please Let Me Know Why You Have Betrayed My Trust Like This When I have Done Nothing
Wrong To You. I Liked Your Server And You. I Liked Being Staff and Never Would Abouse, I
lissen and Do As I am Told From Admins. Why Do I Deserve This? **And Now Tuns out Others
Are Now Mod and Mod Leader? EX. bobs77 (mod) randomguy (lead mod) tyra (lead mod)
What Are You Doing???

Get Back To Me. Conkerrr89.

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